Conversation Killers

Conversation Killers







By; Donna G. Huff-Bolek



Original work by Donna Huff-Bolek

Original completed July 25, 2013.

Edited version August 4, 2012


Copyright © 2013 Donna G. Huff Bolek, August 4, 2013.

All rights reserved.  No reproduction is allowed without prior consent.



Division in a nation in need’a serious conversation,

But nobody’s willing to talk.

So much evasion to havin’ the conversation

Cause nobody’s willing to talk,

Vital words are missin’, folks don’t even wanna listen,

And nobody’s willing to talk.

So much to be said, but they keep it in their heads,

‘Cause nobody’s willing to talk!



There’s:  Too many conversation Killers!

                Too many conversation Killers!

                 Too many conversation Killers!


Always showing up late to the debate,

Injecting nothing more than hate. 

They’re not prepared to talk

The truth…

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